Why Join the OSO?

By joining the OSO, you will enjoy the ability to improve people’s lives both now and in the future, whilst also helping to make orthoK and myopia control the most exciting and rewarding speciality in eye care today.

Becoming a member of this respected organisation will give you access not only to incomparable education about orthoK and myopia control but also the opportunity to network with the most professional, knowledgeable and passionate orthokeratologists in the world.

Being an OSO member is an excellent way to show your patients, colleagues and other health professionals your commitment to safe and effective orthokeratology as:

  1. Membership of the OSO is conditional on completing OSO approved education.
  2. Members give assurance that they have access to all appropriate equipment when fitting orthoK, especially a corneal topographer.
  3. Members agree to adhere to the strict OSO Protocol that ensures that a patient’s safety and welfare are an OSO member’s first priority.

As an OSO member you will also be recognised as a member of the prestigious, internationally renowned International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control (IAOMC).

Through this association with IAOMC we can offer the International Academy Certification in Myopia Management (IACMM) – a certificate course on myopia management and also offer the Fellowship in the International Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control (FIAOMC) – Fellowship level qualifications for those who would like to be at the peak of their practice in orthokeratology

Other member benefits include:

  • Providing international class CPD, including workshops, seminars,
    online education opportunities, and conferences both here and overseas
  • Fantastic conferences with world leaders in OrthoK and Myopia Control
    presenting the latest research and best practise
  • Listing of your practice on the Practitioner Directory
Full Member Free

$297 + Joining Fee: $55

For registered optometrists with all instrumentation (including corneal topography) that have attended an approved orthokeratology course.

Provisional Member Free

$220 + Joining Fee: $55

For registered optometrists yet to have all instrumentation (including corneal topography) or yet to attend an approved orthokeratology course.

Non Active Member Free

$27.50 + Joining Fee: $0

For members of the OSO who have retired or no longer practising orthoK and want to stay in touch with the society.


Free + Joining Fee: $0

For university students who can provide expected date of graduation in an approved optometry course in Oceania.


Free + Joining Fee: $0

For those working in the industry and supplying optometrists with orthoK lenses, instrumentation or products related to orthoK.