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Kids Ortho-k (Overnight Reshaping lenses) Experiences

Orthokeratology Society of Oceania - Monday, March 12, 2018

Optometrists and parents often understand the benefits of protecting our vision and eyes. When it comes to fitting children and adolescents with Orthokeratology lenses to slow down short-sightedness, it is often great to read of other people’s experiences. This is a link to a Melbourne practice with Orthokeratologist and Optometrist Dr Philip Cheng who has shared some of their patient experiences (patient names changed for confidentiality reasons). https://www.kidsorthok.com.au/experiences.html


Myopia Control & Ortho K Experiences · Melbourne
Here are some of our patients' stories and experiences with myopia control and Ortho-K lenses. Myopia treatments do work very well to slow progression in most children, and OK lenses have given our adult patients new freedom to see clearly.

-Natalie Buckman, OSO Guest Board Member